The McArthur Burney Falls Interpretive Association (MBFIA) is an all-volunteer non-profit education organization that provides assistance and funding for activities which enhance the quality of visits to Castle Crags State Park, McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park and Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park.  The association was founded in 1984 to promote greater appreciation of the cultural and natural history of the area. 

MBFIA raises funds to support educational and interpretive activities at the parks, including interpretive personnel and a printed Visitor Guide provided free to visitors.  MBFIA manages the Visitor Center Funds are raised through the sale of firewood, recycling, advertising in the Visitor Guides, the operation of the Visitor Center gift shop, and most importantly---donations from friends and visitors like you.

Members of the MBFIA Board

Catherine Camp, President

Bob Boyce,  Webmaster

Bill Campbell, Board Member

Bill Cummings,  Past President

Joan Hawthorne, Gift Shop

Larry Hawthorne, Events Food-Bev

Pam Henderson, Board Member

Alice Hoveman, Board Member

Tom Stockton, Board Member

Andrew Urlie, Secretary

Jaci White, Treasurer

Castle Crags State Park is recruiting a volunteer (or two) to serve as a board member on the Friends of Castle Crags cooperating association.  Friends of Castle Crags is a subsidiary of McArthur-Burney Falls Interpretive Association (MBFIA).  The volunteer board member’s primary function is to serve as a park advocate and will attend, either in person or remotely, periodic board meetings.  The board member will oversee the association’s interests such as the park memorabilia boutique, annual park newspaper advertising campaign, firewood sales, financing the park’s interpretive functions, etc.  The incumbent will work with park staff and other park volunteers to help achieve a quality visitor experience.  Please contact Ranger Todd Barto at 530-712-7295 email or MBFIA President Catherine Camp at

Catherine Camp, President

Castle Crags State Park


Next Board Meeting:

4th Thursday each month at 10:00 AM

VIA Zoom